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Features of Goblies

Thrown by Hand - Goblies are paintballs that you throw by hand like water balloons

Painless like water balloons - Goblies easily break on impact 

Dries to a Powder - Goblies are filled with a colorful wet powder, not paint, so the user is never sticky. 

Made from Food - The encapsulating shell is made from natural food based ingredients – not plastic, so users do not have to pick up the remains.

Sold as a Kit - Goblies will be sold as a kit. The kit includes ingredients, dyes and reusable molds. 

Colors - The kit will include the three primary colors, so you can mix and create whatever color you want. 

About the Founder

Briana Gardell is the founder. 

She graduated from Lehigh University with a Masters in Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship in May 2015.

Fun Facts about the Founder

  1. She wrote her first business plan when she was a freshman in high school. 
  2. She started the student stand up comedy competition at her college.

The Company

Mezzimatic LLC 

Mezzimatic LLC is a toy company that inspires creative messy play. 

The first product is Goblies.

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The Meaning Behind the Name