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1. Washable? 

The dye was selected so that it washes out of fabrics. However, that is not guaranteed, so we recommend wearing play clothes when making and throwing Goblies. If you want something 100% washable, leave out the dye and make white Goblies. White Goblies are like summer time snow balls! 

2. How can I distribute these at a party? 

Try putting them in plastic baggies or plastic cups. 

3. Is this a summer time toy or can I play with them in the snow? 

Play with Goblies the same times you would play with water balloons. Each paintball is made mostly of water. 

4. How long does it take to make Goblies? 

To make a full kit of 108 Goblies it takes 3.5 hours. This includes two hours of inactive freezer time.