Valentine's Day Fortune Cards

cover 1.PNG

What you need:

-Paper -We used scrapbooking paper but you can use printer paper, construction paper, or any type of paper you have around the house! (Even newspaper would look cute!)


-Glue or hot glue - We used hot glue but it is not necessary!

-Marker or a pen

-Bowl or something circular to trace a circle

How to make:

Step 1) Trace and cut a circle out of your piece of paper


Step 2) Fold your paper over and glue the part where you finger presses down. DO NOT fold down completely!


Step 3) Cut a thin rectangle and write your fortune, once you are done insert it into the hollow paper you just glued together


Step 4) Fold again and glue the tip of the crease

You now have a cute little paper fortune cookie! Enjoy & best of luck!

Optional: Put paper fortune cookies in a Valentine themed takeout box which are now on sale at Michaels! Purchase here:

Briana Gardell