Creepy Oreo Cheesecake Eyeballs!

NO TRICKS, JUST TREATS! There is nothing scarier than trying to make a cute treat that turns out to be WAY more difficult than expected! That’s why these Oreo Cheesecake Eyeballs will become your new favorite! There are endless ways to modify this treat to what you want them to look like! You can skip out on the eyeballs and simply drizzle white chocolate, or skip out on the chocolate, and just use the candy eyeballs! Have the kids help you decorate, and let your creativity run wild!

You can find everything you need for this recipe at Walmart. You can also get your candy eyeballs at Michael’s which are now on sale for only $1.19!

Find them here:

The full ingredient list can be found below:

Ingredient list for eyeballs.jpg


Step One) Crush up your Oreos! The easiest way to do this is put the entire pack of Oreos in a blender!

Step Two) Soften your cream cheese! Place cream cheese on microwave safe plate and heat for 30 seconds-1 min till softened.

Step Three) Mix crushed Oreos and softened cream cheese together in a large bowl.

Step Four) Use a spoon and your fingers to make small round balls with your mixture.

Step Five) Chill in fridge for at least 30 min to an hour until slightly hardened.

Step Six) Melt your white chocolate over the stove or in the microwave.

Step Seven) Take a spoon and cover your Oreo balls in the white chocolate.

directions eyeballs .JPG

Step Eight) Place the candy eyeballs in the center of the balls.

Step Nine) Let cool.

OPTIONAL: Step Ten) Decorate with red decorating gel, food coloring, or natural alternative.

eyeballs1 .JPG

Hope you enjoy making this recipe! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Briana Gardell